Ebenezer Stone Ministries

I became a Christian on November 21st, 1994.  After that day, I started going to Church. Then I started going to Bible Study, which led to leading Bible study. For 15 years, I attended a weekly men’s bible study.  The focus always came back to the concept of LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. In my case, this meant it was time to WALK THE TALK! Instead of talking about loving others, it was time to show it!

On January 1st, 2016 I entered a local food pantry sponsored by my church. I had been there before, but never on any consistent basis. At first, I simply began talking to people.  I learned about their situations and struggles, and what they really needed. Most of them just wanted to obtain a small amount of dignity in an embarrassing situation.  None of them woke up and stated that they wanted to be poor! None of them asked God for health problems or other critical factors that created a barrier to employment. None asked for unclear thought processes or mental health issues that prevent them from getting the help they need.

In addition to the pantry, Ebenezer provides a hot breakfast for about 300 people.  Over time, I have been given more responsibility. One task that I do weekly is shopping for supplies.

We spend about $250 a week on food, paper products, etc. to provide everybody with pancakes and sausage, bagels, coffee, milk, juice and a variety of baked goods, not to mention over 40lbs of bananas!  When you break it down, we can provide breakfast for less than a dollar a person!

One Week Supplies for Saturday Morning Breakfast!

The money we use comes straight from donations.  We do get funding from our church, Hales Corners Lutheran, but that is set aside for rent and utilities.  I am simply asking that if you have been enjoying my blogs (and even if you don’t), please consider donating in order to fully fund this program!  All money is spent on the clientele. There is no overhead or salaries.

If you can’t donate money, consider your time.  We are always looking for volunteers, individuals or groups.  Your group can cook, serve and clean up. Individuals are needed simply to talk with participants.  Young adults may enjoy reading a book to the children or engaging in arts and crafts.

If money or time is not an option, please keep us in your prayers.  We have so many opportunities to show God’s love, but we simply can’t help everyone,  Please pray for discernment for us to use our resources wisely and in a Godly manner.

God Blessings.


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