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I know this may come as a shock to you, but I am a huge Brewer fan!  On September 20th, I went to my 11th home game of the season. The Brewers have been playing baseball at Miller Park since April 2001. In the past 18 years, I’ve probably been to about 200 different games, which means approximately 200 different seats.  I never seem to sit in the same place twice.

  • I have sat behind the Brewers dugout in the first row when my Father-in-law was honored as the “Veteran of the Game.”
  • I have sat behind Home plate in the CLUB section when I treated my three brothers and sister to a “sibling outing” in early April. We had awesome seats and a waiter that stated he could bring us anything we wanted.
  • I have sat next to the slide that Bernie Brewer goes down during a Brewer Home Run when I tailgated with my in-laws and our extended family.  I remember that game the temperature was in the upper 90’s and there was very little shade.
  • I have sat in the outfield bleachers with the Cub Scout Pack from Church back when Joey was briefly part of scouting.  The first game I took him to ended up being a fifteen extra-inning pitcher duel that we lost two to one. He’s never liked baseball since! 
  • I was once invited to view a game from the luxury boxes when I worked for American TV and Appliance in gratitude for my sales performance selling air conditioners in 98-degree weather.
  • I sat up in the Terrace section with Jon many times when his school went to a day game.  They often left to get back to Audobon Middle school by the 4th inning, but Jon and I, having brought our own car, usually stuck around to the end.  I remember having to buy him a baseball cap like mine because he kept taking it off my head!
  • I remember tailgating with a company that was getting me mad because we had great seats, but they wanted to stay out in the parking lot and drink some more.  We finally went in when I reminded them they could do that inside as well.
  • I have been in seats that you could not see the scoreboard, so you had to try to catch glimpses from a couple of TV seats scattered around.
  • I have been in both the closest and the farthest seat in the stadium.  
  • In addition to attending many of the games, I also worked at Miller Park for two seasons.  In January of 2016, my school social worker sent out an email to the staff informing us of a “Job Fair” at Miller Park for cashiers, retail people and concession stand employees.  We were told to pass this information on to our students. I kept it quiet and applied to them myself. Each of those two seasons I worked fifty games! That was my version of season tickets!

I’ve seen the Brewers both win and lose.  I have seen them play both shutouts and 15 inning games.  I’ve seen everything from bad pitching to Grand Slam Home Runs!

And I have loved every SINGLE GAME!

The best part is that every new seat shows a different side of the game.  No matter where you sit, some players will always be closer than others. Last Friday night I was within 20 yards of the right fielder.  Unfortunately, it was not Christian Yellich, since he had busted his kneecap the week before. That night I saw a couple of amazing catches closeup, the ones that are hard to see when you are behind the home plate.  Of course, when sitting in the right field, it is kind of hard to see balls and strikes, so I was constantly looking at the TV screens.

Sometimes when I am at Miller Park, I wish I was watching the game on TV.  I wish that little batter box graphic the display on TV sort of hung over the plate in real life.  And when I am at home, I wish the TV would show the between-innings events like the Sausage Race or the Crazy Cap Shuffle.

I know that some people enjoy season tickets, but I don’t think I would like that very much.  Mostly, because I would sit in the same seat every game! I like moving around the stadium because every new seat shows me a new perspective of my favorite game, something you can’t see from TV or hear over the radio. One game I can watch what’s happening in the bullpen and the next, I get to see the plays at first base! Different seats will show you different sides of the game.

That is the same reason we have the Bible.  Instead of giving us a single book that simply says “I am God, Listen to Me!”, God has given us 66 books written by 35 people over 2500 years.  And, like Miller Park, each book shows a different side of God!

Are you feeling down? Try reading the Book of Psalms!  Many were written by King David when he was being chased and persecuted by his enemies.

Want some guidance in life? Dig into the Book of Proverbs and absorb the wisdom of the Lord.

Does Life seem to be conspiring against you and you find yourself at a low point? Maybe you can relate to a guy named Job.

Are you wondering if you can start over after making a mistake?  You need to check out the story of Moses.  He was an exiled murderer when God picked him to lead his people out of Egypt.

Trying to avoid God?  Look how that worked out for Jonah

Are you wondering why life is like this?  Start with Genesis to find out how God really intended life on earth to be.

Are you a New Christian? Read the Gospel of John to learn why Jesus is our Lord and King.

Want to know Jesus better? Read Paul’s letter to the Romans where he goes beyond the basics of Christianity and gets to the core beliefs of the modern Christian.

Wondering what will happen next?  Try wrapping your head around REVELATION!

Whatever you are going through today, the Bible has you covered! Every sin and situation known to man is in there along with God’s solution to that predicament.

And if you are afraid that you have just messed up your life too much, read what Jesus did on the cross for you.

God is waiting to show you his love and just like me and my beloved Brewers, I don’t think you will ever be disappointed with the experience.

If you don’t have a Bible, then follow the link below to an excellent website called Bible Gateway.  This is a free, online Bible that contains every translation of the sacred scripture.  It also has an audio portion. I find this very handy because I can concentrate better when I hear and read something at the same time.

Let’s Pray – Dear Heavenly Father, thanks for showing us a new part of you every time we read the Bible.  Bless this food and this fellowship this morning will bring. We ask this in Jesus’s Name. Amen.

Play Ball!

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