The Cross Room

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. – Matthew 16:24

One day a man met Jesus. He said to him, “Lord, I know you said that we all need to take up our cross and follow you.”

“Yes,” Jesus replied, knowing where this was going.

“Is it possible, I mean, if it’s not too much bother, I was wondering…”

“Ask and you shall receive” Jesu stated.

“Well, I think you made a mistake.”

“Really. A Mistake! How wonderful!!,” Jesus beamed! “How did I make this blunder?”

“Well,” the man said sheepishly, “I think I got the wrong cross”

“Why do you think that?” Jesus asked.

“You see, this one I have now seems way too big for me to handle myself. It really is cumbersome and I don’t think I can carry it any further.” The man looked at the Savior with fear that he was about to be condemned, but Jesus just smiled.

“Okay,” he said, “let’s go to the cross room and you can find something better.”

Jesus took the man into a room filled to the brim with all kinds of crosses. The man looked them all over.

Some were made of wood and over 10 feet tall.

Some were made of metal with huge spikes sticking out all over.

Some were made from solid rock.

The man looked them all over very carefully until he spotted a little cross in the corner. It looked like two sticks held together with twine. He picked it up and realized it had no weight at all. He put it on his shoulder and the cross seemed to hold on by itself, freeing up the man’s hand.

The man, so excited about this marvelous find, showed his prize to Jesus.

“May I have this one?” The man cried with joy. “This one is so doable. With this one, I could be the best disciple you ever had!”

Jesus started to laugh at the man, causing the man’s joy to turn to disappointment. The man started to put the cross back where he found it when Jesus took the cross up and gave it to the man.

“I can have this one?” The man asked

“Yes, this cross is now yours,” Jesus answered, still chuckling.

“Then why are you laughing?” the man demanded!

“Because,” Jesus answered, “That is the cross you came in with!”

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