Listen What The Man Said!

I remember when my brother and I were fairly young teenagers.  We were walking home from school one day. My brother, anxious to get home, started moving faster than me.  Wanting him to slow down, I yelled his name, but he ignored me. I tried again, louder, but received the same results.  Finally, out of total frustration, I yelled at the top of my lungs, “HEY STUPID!”

My Brother stopped, dropped to his knees, and said, “Yes Lord?”

We still laugh about it to this day!

Don’t you wish the Lord would actually call us out like that? When I read the Old Testament, I have to admit that I am somewhat jealous of Noah, Abraham, and Moses.  Why? God actually spoke to these guys! Not only that, but He laid out fairly specific plans about what he wanted to be done and how he wanted it to go down. These guys probably never felt the indecisiveness that I feel.  I make decisions based on what I think God would like me to do, but, without direct instruction or clarification of the plan, I tend to become unsure when I am in the middle of the process.

The Old Testament Patriarchs might have questioned their assignments, but there was really no alternate interpretations of what God had in mind. I often wonder not only am I following God’s calling but am I also doing it the right way.  Is there an easier path to follow? Am I somehow making his directions more difficult? Am I overthinking his Word?

People often ask me why doesn’t talk to his people like that anymore.  My answer – God continues to speak today, but we are not listening. Today, God’s voice is still there, but it is well hidden in the noise of our everyday life.

God wants to have a conversation.  When you speak, we call it prayer. His side of the conversation is called the Bible.  I have heard it said that BIBLE means Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

Over the course of 2500 years, 40 authors recorded for us God’s thoughts on a wide variety of subjects.  His word, in the form of the Bible, covers hundreds of everyday life problems such as marriage, poverty, sickness, bankruptcy, etc.

Daily Bible reading is critical!  I read a couple devotionals a day, Our Daily Bread is a good online one, emailed every morning. I am constantly amazed at how scripture somehow always connects back to something currently happening in my life.  As Sir Paul McCartney once sang “Listen what the Man said!

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get into His word.  15 minutes a day could change your life. There are many different Bible reading plans out there, but the idea is “Quality” over “Quantity”.  If you are new to Daily Bible Reading, the “Bible in the Year” plan can be pretty intimidating. I would recommend starting with the Gospel of John.  Also, pick the version of the Bible that your Pastor preaches from.  I use the English Standard Version.


Father, thank you for your word, handed down over time to teach us how to be more like your son Jesus.  Let your words replace mine, your thoughts rise in our mind and your compassion guide our hearts! Amen

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