You Turned My Mourning Into Dancing

This is the story of how God used disability, abuse, attempted murder and a suicide attempt to create a faithful man of God!


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What is a Palzewism?

Hidden Objects

I like to play Video Games! Not the first-person shooter games or anything like that. I do not have enough coordination for those types of games. I remember growing up watching my younger brother playing “Space Invaders”, “Missile Command”, and “Defender” for hours at a time. I barely lasted a minute when I took the joystick of our Atari 2600. I had pretty much given up on video games until September 20th, 2006. That was the time I found one of my favorite websites, “Big Fish Games”. These are games designed to challenge the mind, not your dexterity. The website included what is now called CASUAL games, like Match 3, Strategy and simulation, and my favorite, Hidden Objects.

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